Our brand of high quality elastic elements for insulation.

The name of our registered trademark elisa® is derived from the terms elastic, isolate and a2tec and thus stands for our core competence of vibration isolation and sealing with elastic components.

With our elisa® brand products, you always get a safe component of consistently very good quality and design. The use of selected rubber compounds, process reliability in production and our intensive quality assurance result in a product that represents a high standard.

In addition to our branded products
we also offer
-articles. With these, you get a plus with every delivery through the following services:

  • The components are supplied underpacked and are labeled with comprehensive information:
    • Part number and designation
    • Rubber quality and shore hardness,
    • Details of the max. Static load
    • If necessary, design of the metal parts and tightening torque
    • Main tolerance classes
    • Packaging and recommended use date
  • technical data sheet

This ensures that the most important information for installation is also directly available.

Do not rely on just any product for your high-quality plants and machines, but use
. If you have any questions, we will be happy to be at your side – contact us!

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