Molded parts

With our wide range of possibilities, we can also realize your customized product as a molded rubber part or as a molded part made of other elastomers.

Economical tooling, selection of the right elastomer and quality throughout the process chain, combined with our expertise and experience, are the basis for your elastic solution with molded parts. In close dialog with you, we find an optimized solution and provide the most economical batch size for your needs.

The preparation of drawings, data files, first article inspection reports, MDS entries, and the performance of laboratory testing and analysis is available as needed.

We supply:

  • Molded rubber parts made of all common rubber compounds such as NR, SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR, H-NBR, CSM, CIIR, ECO, AEM, FPM.
  • Molded parts made of silicone, polyurethane and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Molded parts bonded with metals and suitable plastics
  • Elastomer compounds adapted to your needs
  • Precision molded parts
  • Small series with very economical tool shapes (from 1 caliber)
  • Medium and large series with multiple tools


The products in detail:

  • Rubber Metal Buffer, Stop Buffer
  • Rubber buffers, rubber feet
  • Hollow buffers and hollow springs
  • Plugs, grommets, caps, nozzles
  • Seals, O-rings
  • Bellows, sleeves, compensators, connectors
  • Rollers, rollers
  • Hose elbows, molded hoses
  • two-component molded parts made of TPE (hard / soft or multicolor)
  • … and much more.


Please also talk to us if you are thinking of changing manufacturers for an existing component. Often we have such favorable solutions that an investment in a new mold is worthwhile.

We also offer warehousing and delivery on demand if you want to have larger quantities produced at low cost and want small delivery batches. Following the production of molded parts, we also offer finishing, component grouping, assembly, marking and special packaging.

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